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World Bank Group

Development Partners

The World Bank Group, through the Electricity Services Access Project (ESAP) is supporting the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) in delivery of both grid and off-grid electricity services. At an overall level, the World Bank is developing a Least Cost Geospatial Electrification Plan for scaling up the electrification rate in Zambia according to GRZ’s vision 2030 through grid, mini-grid and solar home system (SHS) deployment. This plan will provide the basis for Zambia’s National Electrification Program (NEP), which will set out a systematic approach towards providing access to electricity for all. Capacity building and training sessions will be delivered alongside least cost electrification planning and development of the NEP.

Under its work on off-grid electricity access expansion, the World Bank Group is funding upstream activities to enable private sector participation in rural off-grid electrification, including identifying and scoping off-grid sites, helping GRZ address regulatory impediments, building the needed capacity at key institutions, and designing financial mechanisms. More specifically, the World Bank will fund the piloting of two financial mechanisms aimed at leveraging financing and participation from the private sector in renewable energy mini-grids, complemented by stand-alone solar systems: (a) the Off-Grid Electrification Smart Subsidy Program (OGESSP), to provide partial grant subsidies to support the development of private sector-led mini-grids,  and (b) an Off-grid Loan Facility, to provide finance for eligible borrowers,  including companies importing and selling solar equipment, developers of mini-grids, and end users of solar equipment such as agribusinesses.

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